Qualitative Dissertations

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Submissions are expected to address social justice issues.

Category A submissions experiment with traditional writing and representational forms.

Devier PDF Unleashing Top-of-License Registered Nurse Practice: An Integrative Review, Michelle Dickerson PDF The Matthew - Chiasm as the Fountainhead of Matthean Proto-Ecclesiology, Nicholas A.

Dodson PDF Increase in Pneumococcal Immunization in Adults over 65 Years of Age in a Federally Qualified Health Center, Mara J.

Doctoral research is the cornerstone of a Ph D program.

In order to write the dissertation, you must complete extensive, detailed research, and there are different types of research for different types of studies—involving very different methodology.This type of research uses interviews, open-ended questions, or focus groups to gain insight into people’s thoughts and beliefs around certain behaviors and systems.Ayn O’Reilly, Ph D, core research faculty in the School of Public Service Leadership (PSL) and co-chair of the PSL Scientific Merit Review Committee, notes there are several approaches to qualitative inquiry.The three most routinely used include: House recommends working on your face-to-face and phone/Skype interview skills if you’re going to use qualitative methods.“You have to understand your own biases and not to ask leading questions.Coates PDF The Relationship Between Teacher Self-efficacy and the Quantity of Office Discipline Referrals They Write, Brian Patrick Conary PDF English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Teacher Experiences with Newcomer Students at the Secondary Level: A Phenomenological Study, Lindsey Marie Conrad PDF Mythology, Morality, and the Messiah: How Natural Moral Law and Hero Myth Entail that Jesus Christ is the Best Possible Hero, Matthew J.Coombe PDF Effectiveness of Religious Cognitive Behavior Therapy for the Treatment of Clinical Depression in Religious People: A Single-Case Research Design Analysis, Richard Mark Cozart PDF Reducing High School Dropout: An Instrumental Case Study of Successful High School Dropout Prevention, Sasha Davila Crocker PDF Integrating Multicultural Discussions in Counseling Supervision: A Grounded Theory Study, Zoricelis Davila PDF Causal-Comparative Study of Reading Self-Efficacy of Senior High School Students Based on English Course Placement, Carrie Marie Deel PDF Comparing the College Persistence of Dual-Enrolled 11th and 12th Grade High School Students Based on Gender and Mode of Course Delivery, Joseph Lawrence Depenhart PDF The Relationship Between Alternative Career and Technical Education (CTE) Teacher Licensure Requirements and CTE Teacher Shortage, Britton H.The International Institute for Qualitative Inquiry is pleased to announce the annual Illinois Qualitative Dissertation Award, for excellence in qualitative research in a doctoral dissertation.Eligible dissertations will use and advance qualitative methods to investigate any topic.Retaining Veteran Teachers in Predominantly Minority, Low-income, Rural Schools: A Phenomenological Study, Veronica Keyosha Bradley PDF Would an Omnibenevolent God Allow Some to Be Lost Who Would Have Been Saved in Different Circumstances?Cloyd PDF Join the Band: Benefits of Engaging Intergenerational Volunteers in the Local Church Worship Ministry, Jamie R.


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    Qualitative Data Analysis QDA Researchers conducting qualitative research often choose to use Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis tools/software rather than coding manually, by hand. These tools can aid researchers in completing the meticulous task of organizing and coding often extensive amounts of data.…

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    The Qualitative Doctoral Dissertation Proposal BRENT KILBOURN University of Toronto This article discusses the primary qualities of a doctoral dissertation proposal and how those qualities relate to the qualities of a dissertation and to the nature of a research university. Typical parts of a proposal are discussed—problem, significance, literature…

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    What is the Difference Between Qualitative and Quantitative Methodology? The difference between qualitative and quantitative dissertations can be seen in the meaning of each word qualitative comes from the Latin qualis, “of what kind?” while quantitative comes from the Latin quantus, “of what size?”…

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    Qualitative Dissertations. Jose A. Alaby MEANS AND ENDS OF THE ANDREWS UNIVERSITY LEADERSHIP PROGRAM A STUDY OF ITS CRITICAL COMPONENTS AND OUTCOMES AS THEY RELATE TO THE MISSION STATEMENT Marilyn Eggers Web Based Courses in Higher Education Creating Active Learning Environments Shirley Freed TEACHER.…

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    Qualitative dissertation methodology and specific guidelines in selecting a disser-tation chair that support your methodological decisions and the negotiation of the details of research design and methods in your dissertation study. Through these discussions, I have articulated an explicit, albeit shallow, definition of the disser-tation.…

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    The Experience of Meaning and Purpose in Life among Adult Iraqi Refugees in Jordan A Qualitative Study, Reem Issa Abbasi. PDF. The Effects of a Systematic Tier 2 Intervention on Kindergartners' Dibels Benchmarks, Richard Kyle Abernathy. PDF…

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    Qualitative research, sometimes also referred to as naturalistic inquiry, is a distinct field of research with its own research philosophy, theory and methodology. If your desire is to perform a qualitative study, it will probably be a lot easier to develop your research question if you first become familiar with some of qualitative research’s basic principles.…

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    Qualitative. O’Reilly points to this as the most difficult form of qualitative research, which involves describing a “lived experience” and learning from that experience to help people or organizations that may face that same experience. “The researcher is trying to understand what the experience is like for the subject.…

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    What Are the Best Tips for Qualitative Dissertations? A dissertation can be hundreds of pages long and may take years to complete. The qualitative dissertation process typically involves conferences with an advisor or instructor. Qualitative dissertations are required of students who are at the.…

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