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Optional Essay: If you feel there are any parts of your application that require additional explanation, or if there is any additional information you wish to share with the admissions committee, please use this optional essay as an opportunity to do so.

(250 words max) Optional Essay Tips: For every optional essay, first you have to decide whether to write the essay or not.

What consequences should students who do not uphold these standards face?

(500 words max) Essay 2 Tips: All the top business schools take their honor code very seriously.

Do not write this essay if you think the quality of the rest of your application is suboptimal.

Purdue Essay Aids Crisis Africa Essay

If that is the case, improve your other essays first.

Before you start answering this question, it would help to review Purdue University's Code of Honor: The purpose of the Purdue University academic community is to discover and disseminate truth.

In order to achieve these goals, the university commits itself towards maintaining a culture of academic integrity and honesty.

Still, the two essays are a good platform for candidates with an aptitude for introspection.

Statement of Purpose: Please submit a statement introducing yourself to the admissions committee.


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