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Here is a formula we recommend: Put the title of an entire composition in italics.Put the title of a short work—one that is or could be part of a larger undertaking—in quotation marks.

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I finally finished grading my embarrassingly tardy Literature 2 final exams today. After today, I might have to insist that every one of them take a Write At Home class next year. But for crying out loud — out of the twenty-five students in the class, . I suspect this is just fallout from this age of texting and social media.

For families who want writing, I sign them up for classes.

italicize and capitalize titles of full-length, freestanding works: books, periodicals (magazines, journals, etc.) and named blogs, newspapers, museum and gallery art exhibitions and catalogs, individual works of art (paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, etc.), movies, musicals, operas and other long musical compositions, long poetic works, plays, album-length recordings, TV and radio shows, and regularly appearing cartoons or comic strips. Note: When writing specifically for the news media, follow AP style (no italics) and use quotation marks to enclose the titles of books, plays, etc. For readability, do not italicize when hyperlinking these titles in an online publication.

In running text, use roman type, capitalize, and use quotation marks around the titles of lectures, book chapters, articles, papers and other conference presentations, blog entries, most poems, speeches, songs and other shorter musical compositions, and TV or radio show episodes.

By “composition” we mean a creative, journalistic, or scholarly enterprise that is whole, complex, a thing unto itself.

This includes books, movies, plays, TV shows, newspapers, magazines, websites, music albums, operas, musical theater, paintings, sculptures, and other works of art.Underlining is the equivalent of italics, but in digital media, italics is preferred.It’s pretty tricky to hand-write in italics, so stick to good old underlining when wielding a pen or pencil.Long poems, short films, and the extended stories known as “novellas” are a gray area; some people italicize the titles, others put them in quotation marks.You won’t go wrong with this policy: For a full-blown composition, put the title in italics. If you wish to respond to another reader's question or comment, please click its corresponding "REPLY" button.The following sentence illustrates the principle: Richard Burton performed the song “Camelot” in the 1960 Broadway musical .(Note: with ships, do not italicize prefixes such as USS or HMS.) Quotation marks are customary for components, such as chapter titles in a book, individual episodes of a TV series, songs on a music album, and titles of articles or essays in print or online.So, when do you underline or italicize, and when do you use quotation marks? If it’s a long work, italicize/underline the title.If it’s a short work or a section of a longer work, put the title in quotation marks. Please ask a question or give me a piece of your mind below!Final exams should demand attention to the details of syntax and usage.For my lit students and students everywhere, here’s a short review of how to punctuate titles: Titles should be capitalized.


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