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Published Thesis On Ecology-89
In particular, we will show if and how these researchers seek to combine critical with problem solving research and, more specifically, how they combine the objective to identify and critically evaluate a contemporary unsustainable phenomenon with the objective of proposing pathways to constructively deal with that challenge and issues associated with it.

Yet, in striving to integrate social and natural dimensions of sustainability such a distinction may surface as a methodological obstacle.

We illustrate how combining critical with problem-solving approaches can help us imagine, understand, and enable transitions to sustainability.

First, we trace the historical divide and potential complementarity between critical and problem-solving approaches in the natural and social sciences and how critical approaches in the social sciences are informed by critical theory.

Inspired by Robert Cox, we then analyze a set of Ph D theses in an interdisciplinary research program engaging in critical and problem-solving research, on and for sustainability.

one must nevertheless acknowledge the ideological component in all scientific knowledge.

Scientific knowledge cannot be spared from ideological critique, and thus from self-knowledge and that also applies to those who think they possess the true science and denounce the ideology of others.

Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management of Lake Vänern (15-60 credits) Study on the population structure of herring in the central and western Baltic Sea basen on the analysis of growth and otolith shape (30-60 credits) Energy content in the diet of breeding seabirds (Degree thesis project 15-60 credits) Thesis projects about salmon in river Dalälven (candidate/master, 15‐30 hp) Thesis projects about salmonids in river Dalälven (candidate/master, 15-45 hp) How does climate change impact fish populations?

(30-60 credits, MSc level) Do growth patterns at sea affect salmon condition and reproduction?

In this article we deal explicitly with the distinction as well as the dynamics between critical and problem-solving research.

Based on a discussion of Ph D work in sustainability studies, the overall aim is to stimulate critical problem-solving research for sustainability.


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