Public Education Versus Private Education Essay

Public Education Versus Private Education Essay-50
For example cost is factor where difference exists.

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In private schools, less time is spent on formalities including following unnecessary state policies and paperwork and thus more time is available to concentrate the quality of education, syllabus and methodologies.

Besides these dissimilarities there are various interesting parallels between the two streams of schools. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics.

National Center for Education Statistics says in this regards; “As reported by teachers in 1999-2000, average class size for self-contained classes tended to be somewhat larger in traditional public and public charter elementary schools than in private elementary schools.” (NCES) According to a web site called Public School Review, “Private schools average 13 students per teacher, compared with an average of 16 students per teacher in public schools” (publicschoolreview).

So public schools are more crowded as compared with private schools but public schools are more ethnically diverse.

Public schools are usually preferred to private schools due to the many advantages it has.

College education is important due to the fact that a degree holder stands a better chance in getting good employment and therefore a brighter future.Private schools are those that offer home instruction by the parents or other educationists.Although the private schools practice some form of freedom in the education system, they practice this within a certain limit which has been established by law.Both aims at developing their faculties and recruiting more educated staff members.But various dissimilarities co-exist with these resemblances.The most important aspects of private school as compared with public schools is the strength of the students at class and school level.Private schools have smaller number of students as mainstream students attend the local public schools.Their morals, character and behavior are influenced by the strong dose of medicine administered to them by psychologists.Such graduates therefore find it difficult in to make it in their adult life due to the limited knowledge and skills which they posses.Although both private and public schools offers a variety of courses in variety of subjects but public schools offer general programs whereas private schools offer specialized programs for students that can enable them to take specialized courses at college and university level.In public schools the education of the students is pre-decided by the state what they have to learn and parents and/or students have no say in this regard.


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