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Many people with autism have difficulties with social interaction and communication, sensory deficits, and poor motor coordination.People with autism often have restricted interests and engage in repetitive behaviors.

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He may be socially withdrawn or may be socially active, although in an oblivious, eccentric way.He may be fixated on lining up toys in a certain order, or have an encyclopedic knowledge of animals or another favorite topic.To learn about the symptoms of autism spectrum disorder, please see our About Autism section.What will also become evident is how many questions remain unanswered.We still don't know exactly what causes autism; we haven't yet been able to identify specific subtypes of autism; and we still have very few proven treatments for autism.Because autism's symptoms vary greatly, the condition is said to exist on a spectrum, referred to as Autism Spectrum Disorder.(Asperger's syndrome is a condition that is considered to be "high functioning" autism.) Some people with autism have low intelligence while others are quite intelligent. It affects far more men than women, although women are often overlooked and misdiagnosed.Many of the children diagnosed when autism rates began rising in the 1990s are, or soon will be, adults.Visit our Adults with Autism section for articles on topics of interest to teenagers and adults, such as the transition to adult services, getting a driver's license, employment, housing and romantic relationships.When a child is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, families face the next challenge: choosing the right treatments and therapies for their child. In our Autism Treatments section, we explore current autism treatments, the evidence behind them, and what we are learning from the experience of individuals and families who have tried them.Children with autism spectrum disorder may exhibit many behaviors their family, teachers and others find challenging.


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