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When completed, please submit your prospectus to your mentor and two committee members, one of whom may be from a department other than English.The only exceptions are for students who defend in the summer: they must register for Requirement Prep ENGL 0914 (Summer, .5 credit). A prospectus is a maximum of 15 double-spaced pages, plus a bibliography.At this point, the student must provide a plan for submission endorsed by his or her advisor..The prospectus explains the dissertation's subject, positions the project in a critical conversation, offers provisional chapter outlines, and includes a working bibliography.Whenever possible, you should submit your prospectus between September 1 and April 1 (faculty may be delayed in evaluating prospectuses submitted just before or during the summer recess). Students will ordinarily be limited to two prospectus submissions, but individual dissertation committees may increase this number.When all three members of the committee agree that the prospectus is acceptable, students should email the Graduate Administrator (copy to DGS) with a request to process the Dissertation Title Approval form.Failure to pass the unseen translation paper results in failure of the prospectus defense.Candidates shall be notified by Monday of the third week following the twelfth week of winter term whether an unseen translation paper will be part of their dissertation prospectus defense.Dissertation Prospectus The final version of the Dissertation Prospectus is due by the end of the Winter Semester in order to allow external and internal adjudication and an oral defense during the Spring Semester.The prospectus will be sent for evaluation to one or two scholars outside the department.


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