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Germany must once again become a fertile land of mothers and children …

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It further enraged the Nazis that many pioneers of contraceptive medicine were Jewish.

Nazi attitudes to contraception became what historian Jill Stephenson calls “a curious of repression and apparent enlightenment”.

He dismissed the push for women’s rights and equal pay for women as communist plots.

In a 1935 speech, the Nazi leader said that: “The granting of equal rights to women, which Marxism demands, in reality does not grant equal rights …

it instead constitutes a deprivation of rights, since it draws women into realms of society where they are inferior. With every child that she brings into the world, she fights her battle for the nation.” Hitler’s patriarchal views shaped Nazi policy and propaganda.

One of the Nazis’ principal social policies was to return women to motherhood, in order to increase the German population.In Hitler’s mind, the natural role for women was domestic: they existed to tend the home, care for their husbands, bear and raise children.Hitler believed that women were kinder, gentler and more emotional than men.The Nazis wanted to increase the birth rate, particularly among Aryans and members of the SS – but they also understood the debilitating effects of sexually-transmitted disease.So while contraception was nominally banned, condoms continued to be available in German cities.He found it difficult to relax around women who were confident, outspoken, well educated or professionally successful.Evidence of these views can be found in and some of Hitler’s speeches: “Women are the eternal mothers of the nation”; “women are the eternal companion of men”; “the triumphant task of women is to bear and tend babies”; “men are willing to fight … Hitler rejected any idea or suggestion of gender equality.In July 1933, the Nazi regime passed the Law for the Encouragement of Marriage.Married couples were given an early form of ‘baby bonus’: a state loan of 1,000 .Conversely, doctors would approve abortions – even encourage them – if the patient happened to be non-Aryan.In November 1938, a Nazi-run state court ruled that abortion should be legal and freely available for all Jewish women.


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