Project Management Assignment

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ENG8208 Advanced Engineering Project Management Assignment 1 Semester 1 2016 Date due: 22 April 2016 Weighting: (400 marks) Special Instructions 1. You are to use the Harvard AGPS referencing system, information which is available from the USQ Library webpage: 4. It is expected that your written answers will be produced using electronic word processing. Students should ensure they clearly understand the meaning of plagiarism and cheating.

Answer all questions, and ensure that your answers have the coverage, and are in the format, requested. You will require a table of contents for your answer to Part A. You will require an abstract and table of contents for your answer to Part B. You should include a word count for each of Part A and Part B of Question 1. In particular, students should understand that while they may collaborate with other students on the conceptual ideas in their assignments, the final written report submitted each student must be unique, and must not contain the written material of (a) any other student in the course, or (b) any other person without due acknowledgement.

EAC AC EV) (CPI Or, EAC (1.142 Therefore, EAC 744218.134 Also, finding TCPI: Since the CPI value is greater than 1, the project is under budgeted. I, along with my team will be responsible for identifying and understanding each and aspect of the project.

So the Performance Index(TCPI) is given TCPI (BAC EV) (BAC AC) Applying the above formula for all three cases, we get: TCPI (BAC EV) (EAC AC) Or, TCPI Therefore, TCPI 0.923 PART C: Cost Variance: Cost Variance is the difference between Earned Value and Actual Cost. Demands put forward the major and the project associated benefits to the community would be on prime focus.

An Assignment submitted more than ten 1 University Business Days after the deadline will have a Mark of zero recorded for that Assignment.

Course Examiners may refuse to accept Assignments for Assessment purposes after Marked Assignments feedback have been released.

On the basis of this business case, the project sponsor will make a decision about the future of the project.

You may assume that the project sponsor has allowed the project timeline to be increased one (1) month to allow for the scope creep already approved. The project scope management plan should include a section on controlling scope creep The project time management plan should include a Gantt chart showing the major project activities.

The penalty for late submission without a extension will be specified in the assignment instructions.

At the very least, the penalty for late submission is a reduction of the maximum Mark applicable for the Assignment, for each University Business Day or part Business Day that the Assignment is late.


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