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Buttigieg said he had nearly finished the essay before realizing that the previous year’s winner had selected Rep.Mc Carthy as the subject, and he had to start over.He called the Vermont congressman “impressive” and praised him for holding true to his values. Pete Buttigieg wrote about Senator Sanders for the Profile in Courage Essay Contest. Buttigieg explained in his autobiography that he initially had planned to write about Rep.

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Sanders explained that while he disagreed with many of Clinton’s centrist policies, he felt that he was the best option for America’s working class.

Sanders’ positions on many difficult issues are commendable, but his real impact has been as a reaction to the cynical climate which threatens the effectiveness of the democratic system.

Sometimes it takes an act of courage to change the course of history.

Looking for a civil rights activist to highlight as the subject for his entry into the 2017 Profile in Courage Essay Contest, Daud Shad remembered admiring William Moore Mc Cullough, an unsung hero of the Civil Rights Act.

I can personally assure you this is untrue.” Just now – I asked ⁦@Pete Buttigieg⁩ about some Sanders supporters including ⁦@Ro Khanna⁩ upset that Buttigieg suggested Sanders and Trump supporters were motivated by the same economic anxieties.

Here’s what he said: TBz HHl — Josh Lederman (@Josh NBCNews) April 22, 2019 Mayor Pete Buttigieg faced some backlash back in April when he compared people who supported Senator Sanders during the 2016 election to voters who backed President Trump.

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Buttigieg wrote in his memoir that he decided to switch his focus to Senator Sanders, whom he “found even more interesting, if a little more edgy politically…

‘Socialist’ was the dirtiest word in politics, yet he won because people saw that he came by his values honestly.


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