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A process essay aims at describing a particular process through a series of stages or steps. In fact, we come across these types of essays very often; for example, when writing or reading about how to do something or steps to perform something, and so on.

To know more about writing process essays, read this Penlighten article.

Don’t choose a topic that is so complex that you’d need to write an instruction manual to fully explain the process.

This also means that you shouldn’t number each step and you will need to use appropriate transitions to link each step.

While it’s tempting (and certainly much easier) to simply link each step with “.then you do this” “and then you do that”, don’t because that makes for boring reading.

Time is also an important element when writing a process essay. I mean the time it will take your audience to complete the process you’re explaining.Put yourself in the readers' shoes and assess what you have written.If you like your essay, it's definitely your best and that means you can get ready for writing another.We refer to recipe books when learning to cook or to know about a particular dish.We read through user manuals before using new gadgets or home appliances.This type of process essay can easily slip into a set of directions though, so find a clever or humorous way to tell readers how to change their settings (without making them want to pull out their hair).There are two key points in life where people are eager to make a good first impression: a job interview and a first date.When explaining how to draw an image, it’s a good idea to provide a few sketches to help readers see what you’re explaining.Of course, you can tell someone how to draw another object, but I think it would be more fun to explain how to draw a cow. Everyone is looking for different characteristics and personality traits in a partner, so your task in this process essay is to determine what type of person you’d like to attract and then explain to readers how to attract that person. It’s the simple “How do I…” or “How to…” statement that is the basic premise of a process essay.As the title of the essay implies, a process essay tells readers how to do something and is essentially a step-by-step essay that explains a process.


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