Problem Solving Using Division

Problem Solving Using Division-35
As they are used to playing sports, they go quickly and without stopping on their walk.Knowing that the walk lasts three hours, and that they walk 15 miles in total and that they have walked with seven people, calculate how fast they are walking (assuming they walk at a constant speed).In order to find it, we have to DIVIDE: The verbiage of the problem can lead to confusion, so that “more” or “fewer” times can be interpreted as an addition or subtraction.

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It is very hands-on and a visual way for our children to understand what is happening when we are dividing.

To solve a word problem using repeated subtraction, students start with the number being divided up or the dividend.

Raymond has less money than me; therefore, the amount that he has ($9) multiplied by some number has to give a result of the money that I have ($27).

Related Topics: 2-Step Division Word Problems More Word Problems More Singapore Math Lessons Here are some examples of division word problems that can be solved in one step.

Once these division concepts are well understood, proceeding to worksheets that mix multiplication and division, and even addition and subtraction, can provide excellent practice to make sure students understand how each operation needs to be chosen appropriately based on the problem description.

In high school, some teachers had complained that there weren’t sufficient supplies, and as a result, they had to share 18 boxes of erasers equally among 9 classes. This is the easiest type of division problem that we will come across.

The first step the way we normally teach children to solve division problems.

The students grab the amounts of objects that need to be divided up and then place them in the correct amount of groups.

If it is all shared with the recipients, 8 liters to each one, how many recipients are supplied with water?

Like every Sunday morning, Richard and Catherine have gone out for a walk through the field.


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