Problem Solving In Business

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You probably have “ideal personas” for your target customers.

Why not create personas for each position on your team to ensure a good culture and role fit?

Solve it by making it a priority, incorporating benchmarks on employee evaluations and perhaps by offering incentives. Challenged employees are usually the ones who stay on the job the longest and are the most loyal and productive. Solve this problem by constantly looking for opportunities to give employees special assignments that challenge them.

Also, enrolling them in regular leadership development programs will do volumes to ingrain a company culture that prizes creative leadership. Solve this problem by forcing yourself to isolate tasks that don't require your higher level thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as your other talents.

If nobody immediately comes to mind, turn to your local chamber of commerce, a community college or to local business groups for potential candidates. Solve it by subscribing to relevant news feeds, reading the U. Department of Labor's Employment Law Guide and, perhaps above all else, hiring a competent business attorney.

Problem 2: Attending training and development sessions, including for you.

It’s fair to assume that your "problem-solving skills" will improve, as you climb the corporate ladder.

You can also speed up your learning curve by reviewing some of the more common problems that new business owners face – as well as those faced by the problem-solvers – who have a few more years under their firefighting belt.

You might say that some of these "problem-solving examples" in the workplace could overlap. For example, both new and experienced business owners must “hire talented people.” This issue wastes no time in demanding the attention of a new business owner.

Similarly, delegating responsibility is always front and center.


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