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For example, ask them what the main differences between individual, team and official rankings were, and why.This will provoke discussion about how teams arrive at decisions, which will make people think about the skills they must use in future team scenarios, such as listening.Use the following exercises to help your team members solve problems and make decisions together more effectively.

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After the first two people present their ideas, they discuss them together.

Then the leader adds a third person, who presents his or her ideas before hearing the previous input.

You can use the Stepladder Technique when team discussion is unbalanced.

Here, ask each team member to think about the problem individually and, one at a time, introduce new ideas to an appointed group leader – without knowing what ideas have already been discussed.

This can happen when a group places a desire for mutual harmony above a desire to reach the right decision, which prevents people from fully exploring alternative solutions.

If there are frequent unanimous decisions in any of your exercises, groupthink may be an issue.Less forthright team members can often feel intimidated and don't always speak up, particularly when their ideas are different from the popular view.Where discussions are one-sided, draw quieter people in so that everyone is involved, but explain why you're doing this, so that people learn from it.This activity builds problem-solving skills as team members analyze information, negotiate and cooperate with one another.It also encourages them to listen and to think about the way they make decisions.Each team has a box of matches, and a number of items that they've salvaged from the sinking ship.Members must agree which items are most important for their survival.Learning math isn’t just about mastering the basics.The larger goal of math instruction is to help children develop problem-solving skills.The free worksheets complement these videos nicely by having children test their problem-solving skills on their own.From there, children can move to solving problems at they play our free problem solving games which help them feel confident that they can solve any problem that comes their way.


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