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Students are encouraged to publish work from their research during the course of their degree programs.However, the preparation of publications should not significantly impede progress on the thesis, which must remain the student’s and the supervisor’s priority.The course (publication section), offered by the Graduate School, offers helps and tips.

In every case, the Preface must clearly describe the student's contribution to the research and creation—including, where applicable, the student's role in publications with several authors.

Presentation: Formatting must be consistent throughout the thesis, including units of measure, abbreviations, and the numbering scheme for tables, figures, footnotes, and citations.

Please check to see whether your publisher offers a discount on page charges for authors at 4-year colleges.

Multi-authored publications are supported proportionately to the number of co-authors for the publication.

For publications where authors are from more than one institution, publication costs are expected to be shared equally.

Sometimes publishers require a subvention subsidy from the author.

This consideration should guide the placement of manuscripts in the main body of the work.

More deeply, it means that the introduction, literature review, and conclusion must address the significance of each publication in the broad context of the overall program of scholarship described by the entire body of work.

Attribution: Material published elsewhere (or in press) must be identified and suitably acknowledged in both the text and the Preface.

Collaborative publications, in which the student is one of several authors/creators, are permitted.


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