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His cohort, Lago, can be seen as the real culprit, as he plots to discredit Desdemona as an unfaithful wife and to eliminate another enemy, Cassio, as Desdemona’s supposed lover.

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The play is filled with intrigue, mainly on the part of Iago, another trait of Shakespeare's plays, and the characters seem to twist around their own insecurities.

[7 Sept 2012] Othello and Justice Like many of Shakespeare's plays, Othello demonstrates how emotion and a strict personal ethic can lead to tragedy.

Yet, by the end of the play, Othello's enemy Iago plays upon the Moor's insecurities and in fact tries to 'make' Othello into the barbaric creature whites accuse him of being. [Read More] Othello: The Moor of Venice is a tragedy that was written by William Shakespeare in the early years of the seventeenth century.

Othello's apparent nobleness, his military prowess, and his eloquence (despite his protestations to the contrary) all win him respect. Although many people esteem Othello, Othello instead focuses on the people who look down upon him, like Brabantio, his racist father-in-law who makes many disparaging statements about Othello's skin color, even though most of Venice has nothing but praise for Othello. In the play, he is seen as somewhat insecure, even……

Shakespeare's Othello can be said to have many flaws as well as virtues -- he is a great general, but he is also a poor judge of character, extremely credulous, and jealous. But, justice, especially Othello's sense of that trait, seems to be the one thing that shapes the events of the play.

Othello and Death Knocks: Two Characters ho Do Not Know Themselves The definition of a tragic hero is a great man who is brought low by a single, yet fatal flaw within his character. Linking this play to a central theme is difficult because there are so many threads that could be taken as the primary driver behind the story.

Othello is categorized as a tragedy among Shakespeare's works and may further be classified as an Aristotelian tragedy as Othello appears to embody several characteristics that are attributed with being a tragic hero. Retrieved From on 20 July, 2005 Othello as a Tragic Hero. Oedipus is in fact both: someone of great stature at the beginning but reduced to being a much-unwanted exile at the end.

Although it would appear to be more logical that Iago target Cassio, he instead targets his superior, Othello, not only because he hates him, but also because he knows that he can easily manipulate Othello and lead him to self-destruct. It is only after this event occurs that Iago's wife reveals the truth, that it was her husband's traitorous action,…… "And what remains is Bestial," the True Beast in Othello. e., as Aristotle puts it, is "either a higher or a lower type [emphasis added]" (Poetics, Part II, paragraph 1).

Othello's assimilationist efforts to claim a selfhood within the Venetian community leads, for him, to a fatal hybridity" (Marks 101).…… "When Chaos is Come again: Narrative and Narrative Analysis in Othello." Style 39.3 (2005): 259,276,377,379. His wife, and his lieutenant Cassio accompany Othello on this journey.

This is why it is said that "in Othello, the boundary between Self and Other is famously, and perilously, permeable. Essentially, the play is about a Moor, named Othello, who elopes with the fair and beautiful and white Desdemona, and he leaves Venice for Cyprus, where he is to be in command of the Venetian Army.


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