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To add to the torture of all that introspective writing, the current application fee is per UC campus. It’s not writing it that’s the hard part – it’s deciding what to write about that can be difficult. For example: A boring essay details a summary of Joe’s mission trip to Guatemala, where he volunteered at a local school with his family. A strong Common App essay can be written on virtually any topic.

(These prompts are unchanged from the 2018-19 application season.) As we noted in a previous blog post, prompt number 7 actually grants students permission to write their own essay question and respond to it. Despite (or perhaps in light of) all this intellectual and creative freedom, you may find yourself stuck.

Don’t worry, one of the most common questions all high schoolers have is, “What should I write my college essay about?

If you are applying using the Common Application, please complete the instructions on the Common Application website to submit your essay through their application portal.

What makes a college essay strong isn’t necessary its theme, but the personal and reflective story that emerges from that theme.

The organization says it will now review the prompts every other year, rather than annually, to give admissions officers, guidance counselors, parents and students a chance to weigh in on the topics.

Last year, after surveying 6,000 people, the organization tossed out the essay prompting students to describe the “place or environment where you are perfectly content.” "We want to make sure that every applicant can find a home within the essay prompts, and that they can use the prompts as a starting point to write an essay that is authentic and distinguishing," said Scott Anderson, the senior director for programs and partnerships for the Common App, which has more than 600 member colleges that students can reach with one application. And given that thousands of students are admitted to colleges each year, I hope we can all agree there is no one “best” topic on which to write your Common App essay. Pizza, community service, grandmothers, barnacles…you name it, and admissions officers have probably read an essay about it.Centenary University aims to make the application process easy and streamlined, while still giving you the opportunity to share information about the experiences that make you who you are.We recognize that many students apply to colleges using the Common Application, and that you may already be working on an essay as part of this process.” When I help students brainstorm potential essay topics, I usually ask them dozens of questions, hoping to unearth just a single response that will capture the interest of a college admissions officer.For some students, however, the essay prompts themselves can provide a great source of inspiration.As of the end of January, as application fever was abating, more than 800,000 students had used the Common App.The prompts and their popularity rating are: For some colleges, the Common App essay is the only one they require.To add to the torture of all that introspective writing, the current application fee is per UC campus.Harvard is and Yale is ."Nearly half of the college applicants who used the Common Application this year submitted an essay about their “background, identity, interest, or talent.” Only 4% of applicants using the Common App wanted to dig deep on the question of challenging a belief or idea.


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