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“Such chemicals contaminate the land surface as well as the soil and hence may render the land unsuitable for farming” (Engelking 2007, p. This occurs when the urban waste matter is discriminately dumped.

The mining processes may also contribute to the process.

Apparently China is witnessing serous environmental problems.

Not only do these problems impair the progress in the economic development but also have harmful effects on the peoples’ health.

Gabions could also be built in areas that are adversely affected by the problem of erosion. Land pollution Background Land pollution occurs when hazardous wastes are disposed on the land.

Such substances could be urban wastes, agricultural chemicals, fertilizers, industrial wastes and radioactive substances.

It is believed that globalization has numerous benefits to the economy of China.

In recent decades, China has witnessed rapid economic growth due to economic reforms.

China is widely known for its extensive mining activities.

There activities have rendered the land bare and hence makes it vulnerable to erosion. Solutions: To tackle this problem, the government needs to educate the masses on the dangers of deforestation and the importance of planting trees.


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