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Therefore, for surplus production, it is very important to protect crops from any type of damage that occurs due to insects, weeds, rodents and other crop diseases. The very obvious answer is pesticides and herbicides.However, do you know these pesticides and herbicides is a leading cause of soil pollution?

Therefore, the concentration of these chemicals will increase when the transfer of these chemicals take place from lower to higher trophic level via the food chain.

Hence, it will cause many metabolic and physiological disorders in humans.

They are generally insoluble in water and non-biodegradable.

Therefore, these chemicals will not gradually decompose and keep on accumulating in the soil.

Human activities are the primary cause of soil pollution and land degradation.

By the end of this topic, you will know how different forms of human activities are responsible for the majority of different types of soil pollution.It led to pesticides related to the death of field workers in some agricultural fields.Slowly, the industries began production of herbicides like sodium arsenite (Na3As O3), sodium chlorate (Na Cl O3), etc. However, even they affect the environment and are not environmental friendly.Even though they are not as harmful as organo-chlorides but most of the herbicides are toxic. Furthermore, research suggests that spraying herbicides causes more insect attack and diseases of plants in comparison to manual weeding.One thing to note here is all the above factors occupy just a small portion of the causes.However, everyone gradually the adverse effects of this chemical which led to the ban of this chemical in many parts of the world including India.Moreover, pests became resistance to DDT due to the chemicals regular use.Majority of the causes is related to manufacturing activities in chemical and industrial processes that are released in nature or environment.Excessive use of inorganic nitrogen fertilizers leads to acidification of soil and contaminate the agricultural soil. The incorrect way of chemical waste disposal from different types of industries can cause contamination of soil.Soil pollution refers to anything that causes contamination of soil and degrades the soil quality.It occurs when the pollutants causing the pollution reduce the quality of the soil and convert the soil inhabitable for microorganisms and macro organisms living in the soil.


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