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It also emphasized the right of Americans to protest some of the decisions made by the government by arranging meetings in public places.In this case the government should listen to the people and to apply certain changes to its actions.

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Progressivism is an ideology that uses scientific development, progress in technology and engineering to operate the life in society.

The usual example of the progressivism is Socialism and Communism.

Another ideology is conservatism, which is concerned with preservation of the old traditions.

The followers of this ideology try to keep the good things we have.

The first ten amendments of the Constitution are known as the Bill of Rights.

This document was written in Philadelphia, and gave the American citizens the most essential rights: the free choice of religion, the right to speak and the right to have the truth with the help of media.It has three levels of government including the federal, the state and the local government.Government officials that work at each type of government are elected by the population with the help of a secret ballot.Ideology is the body of ideas and beliefs of a person, group, or nation about the policy and the economy in the country.Usually these ideas put a great influence on the life of people in the society.Of course there are a lot more peculiarities about American political system, but it is necessary to speak about them in detail.Peculiarities of American political system Before speaking about the political ideology in the USA it is necessary to identify the meaning of ideology in general.If a country is a democratic one, then it should have a great variety of political parties that of course have their own ideologies and beliefs.Political ideology is usually represented in three ways: progressivism, liberalism, and conservatism.The scientific researches have shown that Americans are more interested in the ideology of liberals and conservatives.The basic idea of the ideology of Liberalism is the laisser-faire principle, that gives people the opportunity to do whatever they wish.


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