Photographic Assignments

They had begun their ENG (electronic news gathering) jobs with 16 mm cameras.

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Taking on a photo 365, photo a day, project365, or a selfie 365 challenge? EDUCATION A unique app that is all about TAKING better photographs... From i Phoneographers to SLR shooters, beginners to pros, this app is chock full of assignments to get your creative juices flowing.

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We have produced public service announcements for TV, and have handled many scripted training videos using both professional and nonprofessional talent.

Writing School Essays - Photographic Assignments

We have used a combination of our own talent, as well as agency and professional talent, to write and produce this work. For further information on our capabilities, please contact Randy or Allan Wiley by calling 287-3505 or e-mailing [email protected]

For example, Monday we could cover an Augusta news conference and Tuesday be in the air taking aerial photos (of Maine peat bogs!

) One summer we spent one half of each week taking promotional pictures throughout Maine.

On the photo shooting side of our business, we handled what we affectionately called "Grip & Grins" or "Smile & Handshakes" for most of the departments, as well as studio and location portraits.

We also processed a large number of archival copy work for agencies like Maine Historical Preservation Commission and others.


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