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It is only then that many students really can see whether their essays and the component arguments are sufficiently well organised.An outline of a very short sample essay can be found on page 11.

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Often arguments that appear clear and compelling when we formulate and write them, can be seen to be either confused or otherwise mistaken a few days later when we are no longer immersed in them.

After making the final revisions, read the paper once again to check for residual problems before submitting it.

Read it with a critical eye and make the requisite changes.

It is usually preferable, at least before writing your final version, to wait a while.

If possible, try to formulate your solution to the problem (even if it is not original) or try to understand why you are undecided.

(Is it because you are confused or is it because you appreciate the philosophical problem and can sympathise with different views about it?

Usually, each step of the argument (except the first) should follow from the step(s) before. Each step in your argument should be made explicit.

It is often helpful (within reason) to "signpost" your essay - that is, to alert your reader to what you are going to do next or what you have just done.

Always ask yourself how your opponent might object to what you are saying.

Do not ignore obvious and important counter-examples and objections to your arguments.


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