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Competition, as a comparison of skills, talents and mastery by striving to surpass others and achieve better results, exists in all fields.In architecture, one of the forms of such contest is the practice of competitions. more Competition, as a comparison of skills, talents and mastery by striving to surpass others and achieve better results, exists in all fields.The complicated history of the Republic of Latvia with its various periods of political regimes and economic development has influenced the complex procedure of the organising of competitions.

The majority of the authors are currently pursuing research through two universities: Universidade Anhembi Morumbi in Sao Paulo, Brazil and AUT University in Auckland, New Zealand.They draw on cultural, geographical and ideological positions shaped by their locations in the South.Thus, in offering these considerations of practice-led research, we propose that we might learn ‘from’ rather ‘about’ emerging scholarship that generates knowledge beyond the emphases of the Global North.These voices question through practice, Connell’s ideas of a traditionally pure and authoritative Global North but, they also reassert the nature of practice-led research in Art & Design as something both culturally formed and self-responsible.Summary New Thinking & Emerging Thoughts: Practice As Research In Design, Art And Technology - Sérgio Nesteriuk, Welby Ings; Navigating artistic inquiry in a creative-production thesis: the narrative and illustrative potentials of realismo maravilhoso - Tatiana Tavares, Welby Ings; Interactive digital images: from simulacrum to immersion - Leonardo Lima, Gilbertto Prado; Mourning Songs: signing practice-led research in everyday life - Emily O’Hara, Maria O’Connor; Heuristics – A framework to clarify practice-led research - F.In writing these articles, they adopted the position of first author and, supported by a supervisor/ mentor, they considered the question of practice-led inquiry in relation to a current research project.All of these researchers push at parameters to activate distinctive ways that practice might resource knowledge.In architecture, one of the forms of such contest is the practice of competitions.The role of architecture competitions as a democratic tool of design gains increasing significance in the everyday practice of professional architects.more This is my first Ph D Dissertation that aimed to investigate HIV primary prevention among young Brazilian men living in Canada From 2009 to 2013 I investigated this population vulnerability, comparing it with their peers who remained in Brazil.I interviewed thirteen respondents residents of the city of Toronto for at least 5 years as follows: six self-declared heterosexual and seven self-declared exclusively gay men.


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