Persuasive Essay On Penalty Against

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The fear of death is greater, and if the criminals are aware of the fact that they would be punished to death for any of their offense, they will get hesitated in conducting such crime or they would avoid doing such offense which will be harmful to others.

Moreover, social fear would be developed for the criminals, and they would learn from the examples of others who are punished to death for any of their offense.

Killing people is wrong in any case, either this killing is made at an individual or personal level or the government does it.

This is the most crucial statement being developed by a large number of opponents of capital punishment.

Once a criminal is punished to death, it will create a sense of fear for the other criminals and hence it directly influences the murder rate or any crime rate in the country.

The capital punishment law must be implemented in all the countries across the world because the criminals have new techniques for committing a crime and they are bothering the innocent citizens for no reason.

Moreover, these criminals violate the rules of the prison and they create a high level of violence in prison.

These criminals are a great source of challenge and trouble for the prison management as well as they also create violence when they are captive and these criminals are indulged in the highly offended conducts, as they have no fear of death or any severe punishment.

One of the major benefits of capital punishment is that it protects citizens from an increased rate of crime and violence (Prejean).

It is usually observed that in most of the cases when the criminals get out of the imprisonment, they repeat their same behavior and create a high level of violence and threat for the citizens.


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