Persuasive Essay Gender Equality

The unequal treatment of persons due to the socially constructed norms and myths has affected workplace operations.

In terms of pay, gender inequality or sex discrimination arises where every dollar earned by a man, a woman earns less by 33 cents on the same job.

Equality in the workplace is essential to prevent the occurrence of abuse like sexual harassment, underpayment, and bribery.

Strict setting and enforcement of rules that uphold gender equality in an organization especially the human resource section should be mandatory.

Majority of workplace structures and patterns of interactions inadvertently favor men.

The psychologically and socially inbuilt strength that men are to possess presents them as the leading gender.In spite of several advancements by international bodies to eliminate gender segregation in the labor sector, such efforts have borne little fruits.However, the low educational status of the female gender plays a major role in forming the basis for discrimination by employers. As a child is born, his/her life is directed from the colors to ascribe to, how to behave as one belonging to a certain gender and the roles to play.Society perceives women as the feeble gender thus, subordinate to men even in the workplace.Females are considered to lack in leadership skills making them have a low bargain while rendering their labor.Jordan Peterson has HR in his crosshairs with his strident criticism of efforts to close the gender pay gap and to tackle unconscious bias.With a vast online audience for his views, the sector needs to respond with hard facts and strong arguments, writes Adam Mc Culloch.He tells Newman that multivariate analysis of the gender pay gap shows that prejudice is only one small factor in the pay gap, one that’s much less than “feminists claim”.Other factors include women’s tendency for neuroticism – their likelihood to experience stress, depression and unpredictability – and their high level of agreeableness, to be cooperative and compassionate.On the other hand, a large population of women has a low educational qualification which allows them to access low-paying jobs in the service industry.Moreover, the dire need to provide for their children places them at the disadvantaged end of the employers who utilize the cheap labor to maximize their profits.


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