Personal Values Essay

Personal Values Essay-26
While they share two of the same core values, they are honoring those values with different career choices. She believes that helping to guide different organizations spread across the world is the best way for her be true to her desire for freedom.Management consulting can be perfect fit for Naveena.Pride is one of my personal values as I have learned how to take pride is all that I do.

Honesty is my second value, which has assisted me thus far.She is not constrained by doing the same job, in the same office, every day.Her work duties and office locations change frequently based on the projects that her company assigns her.Personal values are the principles, standards and qualities of an individual.Values are the driving force, which influences the person's reactions or actions to an occurrence.He doesn’t want to work for one organization and likes the freedom to choose the types of contracts he accepts.As a freelancer, Stephen can work where and when he wants.This amount of freedom keeps Naveena happy and fulfilled.Stephen is working as a freelance medical communications specialist.Since everyone has some degree of personal values, I believe I am no different from anyone else.This paper will focus on my personal values, their ground rules and/ or ethics development, defining what my values are, where their originated from.


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