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My silence over what I chose to believe in had seemed to follow me for the past two years, but after the riots I realized that I refused to compromise these values even in the face of overwhelming odds.I began to flourish my own independent thoughts, and to form my own opinions.

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I decided to no longer be prisoner of the south, and found a new source of individuality. Through my experience at Ole Miss I have realized the importance of being a unique individual.

Although I was raised one way, I am continuing to grow in another way.

For almost twenty years I became accustomed to the same simpleminded ideas of those that surrounded me, and believed that this was the way my life should continue to be.

This lifestyle proved to be specifically important when choosing where I wanted to attend college, and when the decision was made I packed up my old life in Texas and moved to Mississippi with high hopes of starting anew.

Ole Miss was the pinnacle of southern schools, and I looked forward to my life as a student there, but the transition into my new life made me realize that I have developed different values despite my cultural heritage. As I gazed around the streets of campus all I could hear were the racial slurs being projected loudly from students’ mouths, and although I was there my voice wasn’t.

I did not want to partake in the things being said, but the continue to conform to social standards sat on my shoulders like weights.

My new found individuality has allowed me to express myself without the barrier of others opinions.

Through my self-examination I gained an insight into what the saying “be yourself” means.


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