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Don’t try to guess what the admissions committee wants to read. Just write honestly, simply, and clearly about yourself and your aspirations.

Don’t try to guess what the admissions committee wants to read. Just write honestly, simply, and clearly about yourself and your aspirations.Understand your motivations for applying and include them.

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Does your opening paragraph quickly engage the reader? Is there a thread that runs through the essay, unifying it? Are your principal intellectual interests and aims clearly elaborated? Does it leave the reader with a sense of completeness?

Does it convey a distinct picture or impression of you as a person? Is there evidence of your intellectual engagement and of the ideas that motivate you in your work or studies? Are your more important commitments to community service, campus or off-campus organizations, or leadership roles effectively addressed? Does it suggest to the reader something of the spirit with which you are going forward in life?

Advice from Professor Judge (who used to read Personal Statements for Admissions Commitees): 1)Personal Statements are read and they are weighted in the decision process.

Don’t blow them off: put serious thought into them.

Decide on a story line for your personal statement.

In telling your story, use your responses to bring out some dimensions that are not obvious from reading your list of activities.

Use your personal statement to talk to your readers about the things that motivate, inspire and shape you. Again, selection committees are looking for the person behind the credentials. Don’t distance your reader by using vague references or abstractions in your essay.

Help them to understand what your specific accomplishments have meant to you, or how they have shaped you. Ask yourself if each and every sentence in your draft reflects some thought, fact, reflection or experience of your own. Avoid laundry lists of activities, etc., and focus on the select few experiences that have meant the most to you, or have had the greatest influence on your development and aims. You (or your roommate) may think it sounds more impressive to say “my internship with a renowned environmental organization’s project to save an endangered species,” but that doesn’t really tell the reader what organization you worked for or what species was being helped. Distilling your life into a compelling, informative one thousand word or one-page personal statement is a challenging task.

Reveal why you are committed to making a difference in the world. Don’t try to share every interest, every societal concern, every accomplishment, every ambition, and every passion. Reveal your career goals and the source of the motivations for your ambitions.

Tell the story in an interesting, compelling, and perhaps amusing way. Show how you are already well along the path for success. Make clear what you want to study/do, why you would be an excellent student in this field, and how it will benefit you in the long run.


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