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This is because if the description given in the essay is true then without a doubt the essay is factual.When writing long essays the conclusion may include more than one paragraph.

In order for you to get the most out of the interview, you must be keen because you don't want to repeat a question.

Treat the interview like a dialogue and be fully involved.

In a personal profile essay example of a corrupt leader, you can conclude by calling citizens to impeach him.

The conclusion is designed to show that the information given in the essay is true.

At the end of the interview you should have gathered enough information to help you write your essay. It involves putting your ideas, observations, and evidence on paper. The main objective is to get the reader's attention, defines the importance of the essay and ends by summarizing the main points.

It contains important points which are later detailed in the essay.

You should write your introduction with a connection to the title.

In an example of a profile essay about your role model, the introduction should be about the early background of the subject, important events and achievements.

These paragraphs support the idea by using verifiable information from reliable sources.

The ideas in the body should be presented as they appear in the introduction.


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