Personal Problem Solving

Recognize that almost all of life’s problems are solvable.

Take some time to review your life experiences, especially those where significant problems arose.

The 10 points below will help you to examine life experiences and use them as a starting point for action.

It is likely that you have faced some form of a problem before in your life.

You will see that some of them were NOT worth the effort.

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Help that analysis to drive your current problem-solving.You will be much happier if you limit the battles you take on.When faced with a problem, you are likely to have an immediate emotional reaction.), and each relates to the ability to solve problems based on life experiences.In order to use them in problem-solving, you need to recognize that a problem exists – and at least be ready to plan for action.Keep trying and the problem will eventually be solved.Not every problem has to be tackled immediately or at all.Build on your successful efforts and eliminate the ones that didn’t work.When a problem pops up, you might say to yourself, “If you have ever made a decision based on your emotional reaction, you are likely to have some advice for others about distancing yourself from the problem in order to make a good choice.Consider if the problem has been something repetitive and what contributes to that pattern.For example: if you have been in a series of bad relationships and have been treated poorly in each one, Your life experiences are the clues that will help you to make a significant change with these types of patterns.


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