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This article explains in very simple terms how to create a financial plan.Once you’ve established your business, you need to work out how you’re going to promote its service(s) to potential clients. We touched on USPs earlier in the article – the marketing strategy section is where you’ll list your company’s USPs in more detail, and outline the online/offline marketing channels you’re going to use to communicate these USPs.

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It should tell the reader what your business is about, its mission and its financial projections.

This is considered the make-or-break part of your business plan, so keep it as clear and concise as possible.

Again, though, you want to keep this information as concise as possible.

One or two sentences on each point should do the trick.

Marketing channels which are commonly used by personal trainers include blogging, email marketing, social media, print marketing, and leaflet marketing.

In addition, this section should include some information on how you’re going to position the business, the prices you’ll charge and the factors influencing these prices For more advice on how to market your business, check out our interactive guide for personal trainers.If you’re a sole trader or small and medium-sized enterprise looking for investment, this acts as a snapshot for any potential investors and gives them an idea of how profitable your business will be in the long run.The main questions you should be aiming to answer here are: If you don’t know where to begin with all of this, don’t panic – once again, Google is your friend.Check out this article for further tips on writing an executive summary for your personal trainer business.Now we move onto the more granular parts of your personal trainer business plan, starting with the business overview section.Ideally, your executive summary should be around a page of A4 and take up less than 10% of the document.In addition to the above, there are several other key points to include in your executive summary which you may not have thought of, such as your marketing strategy, business model and target market.This section of your personal trainer business plan is an opportunity to demonstrate that you know your industry and target market inside out.Your market analysis should outline what your customer’s needs are and how these needs are being met.For instance, if you’re providing a service such as one-to-one personal training sessions, you need to explain what they’ll involve and their benefits to clients.The same applies if you’re selling a product like fitness supplements or e-Books.


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