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What this meant in practical terms is that he’d text her a word or two every few days and she’d respond with an emoji-laden paragraph that would be met with another few days of silence.All along they avoided speaking to each other at school.But avoiding the popular boys turned out to be far from a safe bet. I spent middle school alone with an anxious, aching heart.

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But I worry—because worrying is the inescapable plight of the mother—that spending all these years with the same boyfriend has been too limiting.

With this kind of public accountability, I figured, I couldn’t do what I did in all of my other endeavors: slack off.

I set my sights on the shy boys: non-athletes, ones who were a little short, or chubby, who liked books and sported bad haircuts, long before nerdy was cool.

Better, I wanted to tell her, to focus on something else.

But then she started dating the most popular boy in her class, a boy named Max.


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