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This will build your self confidence and faith in the goodwill of others.

This will build your self confidence and faith in the goodwill of others.

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While some people like to think out loud, I prefer to process the world internally, answer my own questions, and come to a conclusion before speaking up. On the positive side, it’s a source of strength as a writer and analytical thinker.

Without it I wouldn’t have taken an interest in books/writing and this site wouldn’t exist.

Understand that sharing your insights with people is doing them a favor.

Once you get used to opening up, you’ll notice how positively people react.

Saving yourself a little embarrassment doesn’t amount to much in the long run.

By overcoming shyness, you give yourself the chance to be recognized and promoted.When an adult reacts angrily or dismissively to an attempt at self expression, it’s natural to take it personally and shy away from future expression.Even if this only happens once or twice, people tend to exaggerate these incidents until they become mental monsters.On the downside, my tendency to keep everything inside is responsible for one of my major weaknesses — shyness.Shyness is rooted in fear — an irrational fear of speaking up and being humiliated or ignored. In my mind the main causes are oversensitivity and insecurity.It is said of Jawaharlal Nehru that as an undergraduate at Cambridge, he suffered from acute shyness, so much so that he could hardly muster courage enough to get up and speak before a group of boys.He was a member of the debating society at the Trinity College, “The Magpie and stump” which had a rule that a member not speaking for a whole term had to pay a fine.It’s ironic that the people most inclined towards shyness are often the most thoughtful.To reach your potential, you need to share yourself with the world.Force yourself to speak up, especially when you don’t want to.Sit in the front of the room and make yourself visible.


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