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I believe for the most part it is because these values and traits where built upon a strong foundation of perseverance.

" This forms the basis for the applicant's desire to apply to law school sixteen years later. I'm sure she is a very nice person, but when it comes to law school admissions, please note that she has zero credibility. In fact, the best way to find yourself with a losing case streak and a dwindling client list is to constantly argue with other lawyers or worse, the judge hearing your case. is required to do more than just blindly crank out a zealous argument in favor of the government's original position; she has to think carefully about the position,its implications on the parties in the case and on policy generally, and sometimes, if warranted, concede that the other side has it right. Good lawyers don't argue, they construct good arguments. So, for you to show me that you'll be a good lawyer, you have to make a good argument for yourself through your personal statement.

Sometimes, the applicant manages to redeem him- or herself by immediately leaping from this very bad opening into substantive reasons why s/he is interested in law school. Don't mention any assessment she makes about your potential lawyerly ability in your P. Legal communities are insular and well-connected; most lawyers, even those who litigate, have good relationships with the lawyers they oppose in court every day. government before the Supreme Court in all cases where the United States is a party to the case. G.'s role is more of an advisor to the Court (for example, the S. is always allowed to present an argument even when the government is an amicus curiae, rather than a party, to the case)—hence she is known also as the "Tenth Justice." To this end, the S. has a mandate that most lawyers don't have, which is to "confess error" when the government's position is unjust and to advise the Court to overturn the lower court's decision. This is done not by asserting that you possess certain (unverifiable) skills, but by illustrating through experiences, influences, and ideas that you have the qualities that we want to see in future lawyers from Yale—critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, substantive interests, the ability to see different points of view, to name a few.

Many students write very compelling essays about what has led them to law school specifically, even if they are based on purely personal or familial experiences.

All things being equal, such an applicant would have a leg up over someone who writes a very general essay about why education is important.


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