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Anyway, you should: The first reading should be without any remarks or corrections, your main intention here is to understand the general theme of the work, its main points and structure, the style of the writer and whether the arguments fit together.

You should focus on such questions as: All these aspects matter as no matter how good the paper is, there will be troubles if its theme is not the one assigned.

At this stage, keep your pen prepared for remarks and maybe some questions you have to the writer, note some drawbacks you have noticed and also highlight the strong parts of the paper.

Here its also essential to keep it in mind that grammar is not all, if the paper has grammar issues, but also lacks a strong statement, the later problem has priority.

We can't but also mention here, that for the writers it's important to respect their editors.

When you ask someone to review your paper - state the aim of the editing clear -either you need the consistent review, or ask your friend to prompt you the mistakes you have missed.Depending on the way it's realized the procedure of peer editing may be variable - you can either do it in a group in class or review someone's else work alone.The latter variant allows you to go in more depth with the piece of writing you revise."I think the word ''good'' is better to change for ''exceptional" in the first paragraph".You can ask the writer to provide more details, change the sequence of the paper paragraphs, to expand the sentences, or make them shorter, but stay precise.Here it's important to be specific, avoid vague phrases.If your suggestion is in the sphere of word choice - make it clear.No matter if you are a writer or an editor, keep it in mind that peer editing is just looking into your work with another set of eyes.The person, who does it for you just provides his or her opinion as to your assignment, but it has nothing to do with personal attitudes or attacks.Remember that looking through someone's paper you help a person to improve it, that's why it's important to stay positive and always to start with what you find good in the piece of writing you edit.Underline what you think the author has done well, find at least three reasons to make compliments to the writer.


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