Pcat Essay Topics

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The science section comprises three major topics: General Biology, Inorganic Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry.

Outlined below are topics that are "fair game" for the PCAT.

First, please don't get tricked or fooled into buying some cheap guide that promises "secrets" or an "easy way" to score well on the PCAT, or they have some "line" on actual test questions.

These are gimmicks to get a few quick bucks from you or fraudulent marketing to let you think they have a legitimate source to actual test questions.

This document is filled with proven tips compiled by pharmacy students who have gone through the Pharmacy College Admission Test and written down what helped them the most. The PCAT is a rigorous test that requires time and preparation.

But, you are likely already on your way to preparing for the test.These ideas and tips come directly from current pharmacy students who have RECENTLY taken the PCAT and are attending pharmacy school.At Scholar Ware, we take pride in obtaining CURRENT and RELEVANT information and have revolving on-staff consulting pharmacy students who keep us apprised of the latest successful tricks and techniques.You can even use your new knowledge to update your PCAT teaching sessions.If all else fails and you just can’t come up to par on your school’s emphasized sections, you can always apply to a school that places emphasis on your strengths!Although the test is comprehensive and covers many science, verbal, math and reading comprehension subjects, you should decide now that you will do well and will do what it takes to get a "top score".We have outlined what it takes to do well on the PCAT by section.Those who score high on the PCAT have put in the effort to do well.It is not by chance or someone's "10 secrets" or a "professor want-a-be" with actual questions.Gimmicks always sound to good to be true and almost always are!!Understand that there are no short cuts or silver bullets to doing well on this test. The important thing is to focus your studies on the EXACT PCAT topics and not waste your study time.


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