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Further, the author demonstrates critical thought while arguing that the uncertainty that accompanies faith is usually lost when religious or civil authorities impose conformity among religious persons.

A close examination of this statement reveals that it is essentially a very deep philosophical argument.

This total dedication of one’s mental powers in developing conscious religious decisions thus renders faith a personality-based concept. Tillich is thus confirmed as demonstrating profound foresight in authoring the book.

In addition, the author argues that faith cannot be attained through an academic inquiry process.

As is common among instrumental works, the book demonstrates a number of deficiencies which emanate from the usual complexity of religious concepts such as faith.

On the other hand, the book has a number of significant strong points which demonstrate the author’s expertise in religious issues.By demonstrating a similarity in argument with the central Christian religious book, the author thus demonstrates authority in analyzing the subject matter.Moreover, Tillich demonstrates honesty and candidness while affirming that in faith, elements of uncertainty and doubt exist.In elaborating this statement, the author states that faith comprises a central concept that has to do with demonstrating ultimate concern.Conversely, the author explains that all faith-based acts have an element of doubt in them.Further, the book analyses the clash between doubt and faith.This book is thus a real gem in the analysis of theological concepts for using profound philosophical reasoning.Such a clear correlation of different but related concepts thus shows that Tillich is a profoundly deep thinker.By reflecting such deep thought through the text, the author thus makes the book very appealing.Consequently, a keen analysis of Tillich’s text unearths a number of notable strong points based on the author’s sound arguments.To illustrate, by asserting that faith constitutes total personality, the author is spot on.


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