Passive Smoking Essay

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Around 700 million children, or almost half of the world's total, breathe air polluted by tobacco smoke.

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Smoking is a very expensive habit that can cause long-term problems for only a short-term gain of comfort.

The surrounding non-smoking socialites must witness, experience, and live with the smoke day in and day out.

This mixture of toxic chemicals continue to float in the air, cling to clothes, hair, carpets, furniture and most surfaces, and pose a threat to health even when the smoker has left the room....

[tags: second hand smoke, smoking] - Did you know that you could easily be a victim of breathing toxic fumes and having cancer.

There is nothing passive however about the effects of this smoke. It may give as many as 300,000 children under the age of one and half bronchitis and pneumonia....

[tags: Smoking Tobacco Health Lung Cancer Essays] - Smoking is an age-old art that many partake in regularly.

But now, new findings reveal that we are not safe from carcinogens coming from tobacco, just because we do not inhale visible smoke directly.

Scientist have found that residual nicotine, as well as other chemicals, left on various surfaces long after cigarette smoke has been cleared from the air, consists of thirdhand smoke.

Smoke does not only affect the first-hand smoker, but also the people who are inhaling the smoke.

In 2004, six hundred and three thousand deaths were caused by second-hand smoke, which is about 1.0% of worldwide mortality (Inandi).


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