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In some instances, the bridge sentence can be written in the form of a question.

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Given these factors, every paragraph in a paper should be: There are many different ways you can organize a paragraph.

However, the organization you choose will depend on the controlling idea of the paragraph.

A paragraph is a group of related sentences that support one main idea.

In general, paragraphs consist of three parts: the topic sentence, body sentences, and the concluding or the bridge sentence to the next paragraph or section.

Tell us about the present and why it was memorable.

Include the reason it was given, a description of it, and how you felt when you got it.Paragraphs show where the subdivisions of a research paper begin and end and, thus, help the reader see the organization of the essay and grasp its main points. Without well-written paragraphs that flow logically from one idea to the next and that inform and help support in some meaningful way the central research problem being investigated, your paper will not be viewed as credible and, well, you'll probably receive a poor grade.1. Imagine each paragraph as having three general layers of text. It includes all the evidence you need to make the point.However, this evidence needs to be introduced by a topic sentence in some way or your readers don't know what to do with all the evidence you have given them.Ways to organize a paragraph in academic writing include:. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall Regents, 1990; On Paragraphs. Purdue University; Organization: General Guidelines for Paragraphing. Use this Guide to help you practice and succeed at this form of writing.Once you have mastered the use of topic sentences, you may decide that the topic sentence for a particular paragraph really should not be the first sentence of the paragraph.This is fine—the topic sentence can actually go at the beginning, middle, or end of a paragraph; what's important is that it is there to inform readers what the main idea of the paragraph is and how it relates back to the broader thesis of your paper.2. This is the most common reason why a paragraph is too long.Before you can begin to determine what the composition of a particular paragraph will be, you must consider what is the most important idea that you are trying to convey to your reader. Texas A&M University; Paragraphs and Topic Sentences.This is the "controlling idea," or the thesis statement from which you compose the remainder of the paragraph. Writing Tutorial Services, Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning. “Given and New: Paragraph Development Models from Scientific English.” Do not think of developing paragraphs in terms of their length.Edit and revise your essay Check your spelling and grammar Subjects and verbs agree, and verb tenses are consistent Examine your whole essay for logic Thought builds and flows? When transitioning from the five paragraph essay to the college essay, breaking out of its intro, body paragraph 1, body paragraph 2, body paragraph 3, conclusion format and its tripartite and rationale-less thesis are not the only changes you will need to make to your writing style.


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