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Now instead of turning blacks away, the draft boards were doing all they could to bring them into service, southern draft boards in particular.One Georgia county exemption board discharged forty-four percent of white registrants on physical grounds and exempted only three percent of black registrants based on the same requirements.

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Although comprising just ten percent of the entire United States population, blacks supplied thirteen percent of inductees.

While still discriminatory, the Army was far more progressive in race relations than the other branches of the military. The four established all-black Regular Army regiments were not used in overseas combat roles but instead were diffused throughout American held territory.

Although technically eligible for many positions in the Army, very few blacks got the opportunity to serve in combat units. The War Department thought the soldiers would be more likely to follow men of their own color, thereby reducing the risk of any sort of uprising.

Most leaders of the African American community agreed, and it was decided that the Army would create a segregated, but supposedly equal, officer training camp.

Bryan As the people of the United States watched World War I ignite across Europe, African American citizens saw an opportunity to win the respect of their white neighbors.

America was a segregated society and African Americans were considered, at best, second class citizens.

They practiced drilling with and without arms, signaling, physical training, memorizing the organization of the regiment, reading maps, and training on the rifle and bayonet.

However, as Ballou noted after the war, the men doing the training did not take the job very seriously, and seemed to consider the school, and the candidates, a waste of time.

These regiments were posted in the West and Southwest where they were heavily engaged in the Indian War.

During the Spanish-American War, all four regiments saw service.


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