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“And usually, the story waiting is quite interesting.

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Those familiar with Mormon history will instantly recognize the names of several contributors.

Richard Bushman, well-known for his biography “Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling,” opens the volume with an ambitious essay that views the gold plates as a foundational text of Mormonism.

All the while, the book is made appealing to both scholars and general members of the LDS Church.

“This is a scholarly volume,” said Howcroft, “but attendance at our recent book signing at Benchmark Books demonstrated the volume appeals to individuals who are not professionally trained historians but have a passion for Mormon history.” “Mormons have an inherent interest in their history,” Jensen said, “and this book offers some of the best insight on some of the church’s most important documents.” Kurt Manwaring is a freelance writer and contributor to the Deseret News.

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The one where he refers to a woman as “it.” The one that propelled people across the world—including Edmonton-born, L.

“Oxford University Press, founded in 1586, is the most prestigious scholarly publisher in the world and has a newfound interest in acquiring Mormon history titles,” said Ashurst-Mc Gee in a recent interview with "From the Desk of Kurt Manwaring." "We decided to shoot for the top.” “Oxford has now a long history of Mormon publication,” Jensen added, “and it’s rewarding to see them take seriously an in-depth study of early Mormon texts.” One reason the book is considered “in-depth” is the exhaustive focus on textual analysis made possible by insights from the Joseph Smith Papers project.

“Close textual scholarship occurred well before the Joseph Smith Papers,” Jensen said, “but the project has made more accessible new analysis and answers to the types of questions not previously asked. 'Foundational Texts of Mormonism' considers some of the most important early Mormon documents.” These documents are considered foundational to Mormonism in two ways, the editors noted.

“First, we refer to Mormonism’s founding period,” the editors write in the book’s introduction.

“Second, we mean those major sources that historians repeatedly use in their research when they study Joseph Smith and early Mormonism.” The book looks not just at the historical sources, but also the context in which they were created.


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