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If you are looking for God then he is present inside you and inside others. Just see the God inside you and accept every difficulty in life in positive manner. Writer says that if you wish to see God then you must look at yourself or at other people. This is the main reason why writer says to avoid going to temples but taking care of people. Thus, this essay turns at the end when writer suggests readers to look at each other.

If you are looking for God then he is present inside you and inside others.

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Such moments overpower the human mind, so convinced of the absolute reality of time and space.

For example, we are aware of a certain sense of universal and eternal beauty, which “belongs to ages than to mortal life.” When we think of a verse of Shakespeare, profound quote by Plato, or the teachings of Jesus, we feel the reach of their divine thought across the centuries in the present.

If you are selfish and only thinking about yourself every time, then going to temples or other holy places will not save you in any danger.

But if you look at your others or care for others then for sure God will help you in every difficulty you will face in this life.“Over-Soul” is really fantastic essay revealing a true meaning of sacred thoughts. The main aim is to introduce reader with the new imagination. This essay surely creates a great impact on reader’s mind.

God will provide no answer to questions of the future, for humans should live in the present and accept “the tide of being which floats us into the secret of nature.” Revelation properly understood is instead the “influx of the Divine mind into our mind,” and can be seen all across the history of religion.

When our soul mingles with the Over-Soul in a moment of revelation, we receive a new truth or perform a great feat.Why, asks Emerson, do we have such extraordinary hopes for human life?Where does our “universal sense of want and ignorance” stem from?Emerson argues they derive from our connection to the Over-Soul.The Over-Soul contains and unites all individual souls, and acts as the animating force behind each individual.In this initial segment, writer commences the premise of convenience, recognizable to readers of his further essays.God is easily reached to all people, whether they energetically look for an individual mysticism or not.When we refer to our common nature in conversations with one another, we do not refer to a social connection, but rather an impersonal one -- in other words, a connection to God.Beyond our implicit awareness of the Over-Soul though, how do we recognize our soul and its connection to the Over-Soul?Nonetheless, our soul can grow to more intimately connect with and experience the Over-Soul.Such growth occurs not by gradation, but by evolution or ascension into a new state of virtue.


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