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One of the main reasons I would want to write a book and potentially publish it, is to prove my study skills.This MA is going to be all of my birthday and Xmas gifts for 2-3 years, plus my portion of disposable household income for hobbies At Xmas DH gave me a card with a IOU amount towards the course Now I need to start filling up a notebook with potential source material for the assignments.I am thinking of doing an online writing course, just had a bit of a bad experience on a 'real' short writing course where the tutor was a bit up himself and patronising if he didn't like your face...

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I'm paid for 6 hours per week per course - I dread to think how many hours I'm actually putting in because I care about my students.

I'm sorry this sounds mean spirited but with higher education increasingly being marketed and being encouraged to be thought of as a business - this will get worse.

By the way, I would also highly recommend the Arvon Foundation writing courses.

They do all kinds - children's writing, poetry, writing for beginners, scriptwriting and it's taught by professionals.

) - I'm doing fiction as my main and scriptwriting for my secondary genre.

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There will defs be a forum opened (thought I read somewhere it'll be opened on the 16th Sept?They think I should just write a book and why bother with time, effort and money studying it.But I love the learning bit and really missed it once I'd finished the undergraduate courses.I didn't sign up to teach the MA because, alas, I think they will severely underestimate how much time the tutor will spend with the student and cynically expect the tutor to spend much more time than they are actually paid for.Which is exactly what they do on the other courses.Thanks Hello, I've joined the masters this year- the website has just opened and I feel hugely worried now as I've had 6 children and been away from writing academically for some years- I hope I'm capable, how did the first year go for you? I'm so excited but it has scared me- I don't know what to do about picking a secondary genre - I'd like to pick script but have no experience in that or life writing - but not sure if it'll be too hard to learn as I go? I did look on the website thinking their would be a chat room for all the students this year to talk and get to know each other but haven't spotted it yet. But I def want to do this - prove to myself I can Sorry - DCs=children!Oh, I've picked mine already (mainly as they don't add your work until you choose!You go away for a week and live among like minded students.It was on one of those courses that I realised how much time I spent on domestic stuff and how not doing all that freed up endless time for writing!My point about the MA is - the OU will be desperate for student retention - particularly as a new course - and will be very interested in your experience as a student.Make sure that your tutor has experience of working as a writer in the real world (not just one play put on in 1976)Good luck. Luckily for my tutor I'm a fairly independent and really only had contact with my tutor with TMA marking and when there were tutorials . Though I'm not sure how the materials are going to be delivered.


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