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The practice heals the illusory split between mind and body, the conscious and unconscious mind.It grounds us back into the present moment and into our relationship with the intelligence of nature.

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I felt naked and had lost track of who I was and what my story was. As a creative entrepreneur, I was used to crafting my reality through the stories I told about myself, and about the goals I pursued professionally.

During that Vipassana retreat I lost my personal narrative in the stillness of my meditation.

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For further information, including about cookie settings, please read our Cookie Policy .Watts, The Wisdom of Insecurity In silence, time seems to freeze.And when time disappears I see you as I see myself.And we become aware of ourselves when we are still.Three years ago I went on a Vipassana meditation retreat in Belgium. Then, I had just stumbled upon a big hurdle because I had given up on my startup company.Only in the deep, scratching the densest of rocks tearing open our tender skin, can we be relieved from the bloody struggles of the day and be touched by a life lived in tune with the tides of life.Only in the deep, we can learn from beings with expandable senses that reach with means beyond the graspable into the ungraspable.Only in full surrender to the seasons, the directions, the temperature, all that nature brings forth, the pearl becomes the beautiful master piece that it can be, for us to catch, when we are ready to dive in.I believe that everyone in their true essence is as much a chaser as a creator of this pearl.Only in the deep, it counts to be real and simple, to be humble and trust the forces of nature. When we dive deep and then rise up again, gasping for breath, our eyes will cross perspective with those who have just pursued their daily goings-on.They may smile at us, wondering what we have found down there.


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