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of the of the Organizational structure is characterized as a hierarchical arrangement ofmanagement authorities that define the line of communication, roles, responsibilities, and rights of persons within specific offices of an organization (Business Dictionary, 2013).The structure also clarifies the relations of power and responsibilities that illustrate control and coordination within levels of management (Business Dictionary, 2013).

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The organizational structure of the company seems to be limited in its human resource strategy with very few staff distributed through the various departments.

While being successful locally, the company has promoted its Sales Manager to the post of Vice President of International Sales when the company was inundated with sales queries from foreign destinations. Organizational Structure Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Overview 3 Mechanistic Structure 4 Organic Structure 5 Organizational Structure at Present 6 How to Measure Organizational Uncertainty 9 Conclusion 10 References 11 Bibliography 13 Overview Organizational structure in the present scenario has its vast coverage on business environment.

The IMF consists of 2,650 personnel in 185 countries (Hawkin, 2006).

Initially, I will evaluate and contrast the organizational structure of IMF and Google ...

Finally, organizations should create appropriate organizational structures, since such models unite and direct employees (Cassia, Paleari & Redondi, 2005).

“Describe the organizational structure of your selected organization, compare and contrast that structure with two different organizational structures” In this research, I will discuss the organizational structure of International Monetary Fund (IMF) organization.The executive board performs business operations in the organization (Hawkin, 2006).The board of governors performs its duties through two committees, which include the “International Monetary and Financial Committee” together with the “Development Committee”.Each representative state has one principle governor and another alternative governor, who controls the organization when the principle governor is absent.The organization has an executive board with 24 directors who supervise general funds within IMF as delegated by the Board of Governors.IMF activities initiated in 1945 and presently, it associates with 185 countries.The organizational structure of IMF has a governing body that consists of the Board of Governors.Evidently, organizational structure can greatly influence...... ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE Organizational structure basically depends on all those products which are developed in any company, the operations of the company as well as the culture and values of the company.In order to enhance productivity in the organization, the organizational structure should be flexible as well as firm.If a company does have a strong organizational structure then gaining profit will not be a difficult task.Organization structure is basically a structure which defines that what is in the......


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