Opening Sentence For Essay

Exactly how it's written or what needs to be in there heavily depends on the length of the essay and type.

So, a five page essay should have an introduction that is roughly one page.

Anything less than 5 pages should not be more than 1 paragraph.

The subject matter of each sentence therefore gets more specific as you go.

If you're curious about how long your introduction should be, the rule of thumb is that it should be 20% of your total paper.

This sentence of the essay introduction focuses the topic by specifying that the topic addresses the time period following September 11, 2001.

It also narrows down the place by signaling that the paper will focus on United States foreign policy.Take a break and write down the main points you are trying to make and compare it to the structure of your introduction.If you're going off topic, you need to keep things concise.It may seem tempting to include a longer introduction with more "fluff," but this isn't a good idea as your professor can sniff it out and it will reduce the overall quality of your writing.To see how the funneling method works, think about how you would write your paragraph line-by-line.The following sentence is a thesis statement for our War on Terror topic: “Though counterterrorism is critical to saving civilian lives, the War on Terror can be considered a failure in foreign policy because it precipitated unnecessary wars, galvanized pro-terrorist organizations, and alienated the United States from its allies.” As this example demonstrates, the thesis statement can be written in one sentence.While the thesis can be written in multiple sentences, it is advisable to keep it as short as possible to avoid confusing your reader.By following the four steps of the funneling method, you will introduce your reader to your topic, specify the focus of your topic, clarify any confusing terms, and present the argument of your essay.When you use the funneling method, you ensure that every sentence is put to good use in your essay introduction.When you use the funneling method, you will start with a broad statement for your opening sentence.The key is to make a general statement about the essay topic in your sentence.


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