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If you’ve lived any length of time you know how traumatic losing a loved one is.

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But there are also incidents of people sitting on their hands as if waiting for a directive from on high. When churches and the people who lead them, the very people who are supposed to be emissaries of Christ to a dying world, sit back and wait to see how everyone else is going to respond, anything that follows the call of the media rings opportunistic to its core.

When the “worst mass shooting in American history” happens on your doorstep and it’s days before you make a statement via social media that’s not leading a community, that’s following a trending topic.

The most compassionate demonstrations of love weren’t branded, packaged, and publicized. Church leaders, all you have to do is show up with a willing spirit and God will give you the answers you need. And shame on those of you who’ve fallen prey to that lie.

They were kind and simple deeds that occurred when people showed up, made themselves available, and served. Some would have you believe this is about extreme left or right social or political agendas. Your agenda is loving people, and that love, Christ’s love, supersedes all else.

Some would say there’s a third option: you don’t know .

Of A Loved One Essay

One thing I’ve noticed time and time again here in Orlando over the last few days, is a crazy outpouring of love by everyday people who simply gave what they had in support of the victims, their families and loved ones, and first responders — people they didn’t know.

Christ included no proviso about the exclusion of members of the LGBT community.

Family members, friends, and loved ones have lost people close to them.

Usually, we often mistake their way of showing their love as prohibiting us from doing what makes us happy.

Sometimes, they would even spank us to teach us lessons or discipline us from what we did.


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