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Describe Antigone's personal system of values, using as much evidence as you can from the text.Specifically, explain what she holds most dear and important, and what things are not important to her.How does this conflict play out in the lives of the main characters and the events of the play?

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Write an essay describing the roles of women and men in ancient Greece as they are portrayed throughout 'Antigone'. Describe the relationship between religion and the state in 'Antigone'.

To what extent do the state and religion support one another, and to what extent do they conflict with one another?

If your students are reading Sophocles' classic play 'Antigone', they are probably thinking about complex themes and ideas.

This play raises important questions about human nature and relationships, the meaning of family, spirituality, and dramatic structure, among other things.

Describe how the plays are similar to and different from one another, and how they do or do not support each other's purposes.

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Write an essay describing the view of death in 'Antigone'.

Make an argument as to whether or not Creon is an effective leader to his people, and why.

If you are arguing that he is not a good leader, provide ideas about what might make him better as well as what motivates him to do bad things. How do these gendered roles and expectations influence the plot of the play and the way Antigone reacts to her father?

Choose at least two different characters; describe how these characters think about death, and how their individual viewpoints impact the way the plot unfolds and how the characters are able to relate to each other.

Describe what you believe to be Sophocles' underlying perspective on death, and why he chose to make it such a central theme in his work. We have over 200 college courses that prepare you to earn credit by exam that is accepted by over 1,500 colleges and universities.


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