Objective Knowledge Tok Essay

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Whether this be in the health sciences or the social sciences, this “empowerment” to achieve “useful ends” in the aim of the hard work that is required to master these areas of knowledge.

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This may be contrasted with the quality and value of knowledge which may be gotten through the Arts.

Our acceptance of the value of the knowledge to be gained in the sciences is seen in our societies’ rewarding of positions of money and power to those who have knowledge in these areas.

That which we call “personal knowledge”, knowledge which may, perhaps, be most important to us as individuals, is quite “useless” without its being rendered or given over to others.

We render this knowledge in our accounts of things through language, reason, emotion, etc.

Many examiners state that in the very best essays they read, they can visualize the individual who has thought through them sitting opposite to them.

To reflect this struggle in your essay is your goal.

Knowledge that arises from the sciences and the mastering of this knowledge is what is held as “valuable” today and has been held as valuable for the past two hundred years or so .

This “usefulness” is due to the fact that this “knowledge” “empowers” us in meeting our ends which, at bottom, are the controlling and commandeering of beings/things towards what is determined to be “useful” for us.

In TOK, we call this account our WOKs or our ways of knowing.

Our ways of knowing are our renderings of the accounts of things: the ‘what’, the ‘why’, and the ‘how’ of some thing.


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