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With the physical activity restrained by excessive use of computers and the fast food chains identifying newer ways to satiate the food cravings of the American public, staying smart has become more of a challenge for the people of America.

The best way to control obesity in America is by providing people with access to green spaces.

There are almost no vegetable or fruit items available. We can also get soda and junk food at vending machines after school.

While most of you in the audience, me included probably eat these foods, if their consumption is not regulated, young people will start to think that it is okay and even healthful to eat junk food in large amounts.

There are many psychological aspects to both the reasons and consequences of childhood obesity in the country.

This paper argues that there are two kinds of stigmatization at play as far as the major cause and consequence of childhood obesity is concerned.

Another kind of food that has been eaten more and more by Americans is fast food.

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It is therefore compulsory to adopt good and healthy lifestyle rather than feeling depressed and develop eating disorder. Obesity in America Obesity is a physical condition which is characterized by excessive storage of fat in the body and the consequential overweight.

Obesity is one of the biggest issues confronting America in the present age.


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